Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Did you know that the expenses of a funeral can be several thousand dollars up to $ 15,000 and even more? That is a very difficult question to think about. More difficult is to let your family take care of the costs of a funeral after losing a parent. It is a difficult but very important question which needs an answer if you are at an older age. Final expense insurance can help you avoid leaving that great financial burden to your loved ones.

What are the final expenses?

Final expenses are expenses associated with death and funerals. These can vary tremendously depending on how someone dies and the type of funeral service.The final expenses of a funeral can include the cost of transportation and preparation of the body, the burial ground, and the payment of the box. If you prefer body cremation the cost is less, but there are still costs such as flowers and fees to clergy members

Other final expenses may include hospice and hospital bills which can be very expensive. If the death of a loved one occurred in an emergency situation such as a traffic accident, the costs can be greatly increased. Ambulances and emergency medical care are expensive costs these days.Invoices for medical expenses may increase further after death depending on the speed of processing in a hospital billing department. Social Security only provides $ 255 of benefit to survivors.  Final expenses today can easily vary from $ 10,000! T hese expenses could leave your family with an economic disaster, leaving your family with unforeseen expenses and debts. 

Final Expense insurance is the answer

Final Expense insurance is designed to offer coverage for the death of a loved one or yourself. These insurances are permanent life insurance. Normally with a total sum that does not spend more than $ 25,000. The purpose of these is to cover only the final or funeral expenses for you or a loved one. Because they are permanent insurance, you are guaranteed that your coverage will never end. These whole life insurance have a ‘premium’ or fixed cost, so unlike the term (or temporary) life insurance that increases every few years, the cost of your insurance will NEVER increase. In addition, the amount of the insured amount is never reduced! 

Why do I need final expense insurance?

Depending on your needs, the final expense insurance is a life insurance created either to remain in force until the death of the insured occurs or for a specific period of time,after which it expires. Unlike prepaid insurance, this type of insurance offers greater flexibility since you can choose and change your funeral service provider at any time; However, this is not the only advantage. This insurance may cover other final expenses, in addition to the funeral expenses, such as attorneys’ fees, taxes and medical expenses.

Final expense insurance is what everyone needs.

Who will pay for your funeral? Nowadays thousands of people die in the world without having insurance for final expenses.Their loved ones besides having to live with a great loss, will also have to bear all those annoying and tedious expenses that could give them great debts for months and even years. This could be prevented with your final expense insurance that includes the coverage of transportation, medical, coffin, land and other expenses.

Why leave your relatives all the final expenses of your death?

Could the people to whom you leave your final expenses pay for  your wake, burial or cremation?   Why should your family members carry expenses for those who are not prepared? These are very interesting and very important questions since death expenses increase more and worse every day, after a terrible loss, nobody wants to also have a great debt that reminds them every time of the loved one and / or loved one who they have just lost.

Well then, it is very easy to end these unpleasant questions that nobody wants to think about. Just by taking out an insurance for final expenses, you will leave your whole family with less to think about while mourning. And the best part is, that final expense insurance policies promise an immediate disbursement of funds with nominal values ​​between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000

In these times of crisis, it is best to prevent rather than regret, so it is best that you get your insurance policy. A  Funeral Insurance Policy that has a wide range of possibilities, that covers  needs, expenses and costs. You want to leave your loved ones with pleasant memories, treasured family heirlooms and financial security. Allow the final expense policy to cover your final expenses, and leave a legacy of love that will not be forgotten. If you really want your family not to worry about money, in addition to the loss of a loved one, all you have to do is get your final expense policy, the best option for you and your family!

Insurance Policy for Funeral Services

Without a person having bought a life or funeral insurance policy, family members usually pay these expenses in cash. But for people who want to buy insurance for these expenses there are policies especially to cover funeral services. These policies are cheaper than life insurance policies because they only cover funeral expenses. The amount can vary from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 depending on the services they cover.

How to Buy the Funeral Insurance Policy

  1. Identify the amount of insurance you want to buy.
  2. Consider the expenses in your local area plus the price of the land in the cemetery, if you wish to be buried. If you want to be cremated, these expenses are generally less than burial expenses.
  3. Contact several life insurance companies or a broker like us, who offer funeral expense insurance.
  4. Ask if they require a medical exam.
  5. Make sure premiums do not increase during your life.
  6. It is very important that if you want to be moved away or to another country, add those additional expenses to your coverage.
  7. Decide if you want to include the whole family in the funeral insurance plan or just you.
  8. Identify the services included in the policy. 
  9. Before buying the policy, investigate the quality of the insurance company.

Many people prefer to save cash for their funeral, but it is important to have an idea of ​​the total cost of funeral services before relying on their savings. It is important to plan for the funeral expenses and  our loved ones before death. Nowadays the expenses can be out of reach for many families and  funeral insurance can cover these when it is needed, with the payment of the monthly premiums.