Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance

Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance
People are living longer today. Thanks to innovative diagnostic methods and medical treatments, people with serious illnesses now have a better quality of life for many more years than in the past.
The good news is that there are insurance companies that offer life insurance to people with pre-existing health conditions. For example, people with multiple sclerosis can most likely get insurance from life insurance companies using us. We specialize in these types of cases.
If we were to summarize what life insurance provides, we would say that it is a contract that normally includes benefits in cases of or death. Well, in some cases, multiple sclerosis and other serious illnesses can cause total or partial disability of the patient. For this reason, there are life insurance contracts for people with multiple sclerosis that provide in case of diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
The life insurance with multiple sclerosis includes coverage for diagnoses of multiple sclerosis. Upon confirmation of the illness, we offer special coverage and some in certain cases even have living benefits that help with treatment costs, which can be expensive and long.
What is multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system. It is characterized by a progressive destruction of myelin, which constitutes the protective sheath of neurons. This disease affects neurons – and therefore the brain -, the optic nerves and the spinal cord. This affection is of very variable evolution and sometimes very long. Some people are little affected while others enter a degenerative phase and become disabled after a few years.
Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease and therefore a chronic disease. It manifests itself by lesions in the nervous system and by phases of relapses and remissions. The cells responsible for synthesizing the myelin sheath that surrounds the axons in the central nervous system are attacked by the immune system. At an advanced stage or during strong relapses, multiple sclerosis causes motor, sensitive and cognitive disturbances. It is a disease which, over time, can prove to be particularly disabling.
The disease, the leading cause of disability due to neurological disease in young people, more often in women than in men, most often develops in 2 phases. The first, which evolves by relapsing regressive symptoms, is called the remitting phase. It begins around 30 years old and represents 85% of the forms of the beginning. The second, starting around 40 years on average, known as the progressive phase, is made up of permanent symptoms responsible for functional disabilities, the worsening of which is done gradually. Various variations are possible between these two forms.
All the functions of the nervous system can be affected to varying degrees depending on the person: vision, motor skills, balance and coordination, sensations, sphincter controls, memory and intellectual capacities. During outbreaks, these attacks frequently regress without sequelae. During the transition to the progressive phase, the symptoms persist, incapacities of the various functions which accumulate to create a permanent handicap. The reduction of mobility is one of the essential marks which leads to the loss of autonomy and isolation.
If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, your main goal is to improve or maintain your health. But, at the same time, you want to ensure the financial security of your family, hence the importance of taking out life insurance with multiple sclerosis. Be aware that you can get protection from our life insurance options with multiple sclerosis. So, do your homework and consider your options – we are here, don’t wait for someone to tell you that your request is denied.
But it is important that you keep in mind that insurance companies do not only take into account the nature of the multiple sclerosis, but also its severity and your self-care. We want to know if you are taking medication on a regular basis to control your symptoms, if you have changed your diet, if you are doing more physical activity to keep yourself healthy, how long has it been since you have been diagnosed and for how long you have maintained your current medical condition. All of this information is important to an insurer who assesses your claim, and may help you in getting coverage.
You should also be aware that there are a variety of insurance plans, each with varying amounts of coverage, conditions and premiums.
Finally, if you or a loved one suffers from multiple sclerosis, know that you can ensure your safety and peace of mind, because options are available to you in life insurance with ms. You just need to know where to start, and we can help get you covered!
Steps to get Life Coverage with Multiple sclerosis
The insured who has a life insurance contract with coverage for cases of multiple sclerosis, in proving his diagnosis, in some cases for large amounts may have to provide a medical report attesting that his health conditions demonstrate the multiple sclerosis. We usually schedule a medical examination to analyze the clinical condition alleged by the insured. Although life insurance is evolving in its coverage, prevention is the best way to reduce the chances of incidence of many diseases and to avoid painful treatments. Maintaining a healthy diet, not smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and practicing regular physical activity are some of the best practices to help maintain health. So, stay tuned to your habits. Living with quality is always the best choice and Contact Us Today So We Can Help You Protect Your Family!