Senior Care Plan, Final Expense Life Insurance

Senior Care Plan, Final Expense Life Insurance ; We Make It Easy; 

Did you see a  TV ad about Final Expense life insurance program and could not  get through or didn’t pay attention and forgot the phone number well, we can answer your questions !  We compare and find you the best possible Final Expense Insurance Plans and Burial Insurance Plans.

There are plans to fit everyone’s needs. If you feel that you have health problems that disqualify you, you could be wrong. Many companies will issue policy regardless of your situation.

We fight for you, to get you Life insurance with no waiting period.  We got you covered !  We are loyal to you and not beholden to one expensive insurance company ! We are the one stop shop for burial insurance, and burial insurance for seniors. We take the time to explain and give choices, you are not pressured, or pressured to choose a specific company.Do Not Delay, Inquire Today, We are Kind Compassionate Understanding, We Explain Options and give you choices.

Put Your Plan In Place Today, Not only will your family be grieving your loss, they will be trying to figure out how to pay for everything and give you the proper ceremony you deserve. The government benefit is a “whopping” $255, for a service that costs between approx. $5,000 and $25,000 . With a Burial Insurance Plan, you or your family won’t have to worry about that. With the proper coverage, your family will be able to focus on you – NOT on how to pay for everything.Inquire Today.

Why ? Final expense insurance is important to have. Having final expense life insurance give you peace of mind, and Final expense whole life insurance also makes it easier for your loved ones. It is important to have  a senior care plan, open care final expense plans, or burial insurance . Having senior care insurance is considered by many to be the most important insurance to have. We will make it easy and efficient to obtain senior care plan insurance so you have the best senior Senior life plan and Senior Life Insurance.

NO 2 Year Waiting Period 
Life insurance without waiting period and  Life insurance no waiting period ;

  • We Specialize in helping you get a policy WITHOUT A WAITING PERIOD and it means lower rates!
  • Many Agents have access to only one insurance company ( dirty insurance secrets) or simply do not look for options, or do not know they exist, we do , LET US HELP

The process to put a plan in place to cover your burial and funeral expenses is very simple. After completing our  Quote form, your expert will begin putting together your quote and generally within 24 hours will call to begin the process of getting your plan finalized.

Once the plan is in place you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your funeral costs are covered and your loved ones will never have to worry about that unexpected financial burden.

Final Expense Insurance ,Burial Insurance or as we like to call it , peace of mind insurance to ensure a proper burial and no stress on loved ones, children, relatives or friends. We are familiar with many cases of people being caught off guard trying to pay for a funeral. 

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Final Expense Insurance Today

Although death is not something that people like to think about, it is a most definite certainty. It occurs to everyone eventually, and so there really is no getting around it.This type of insurance offers an easy payout after you pass away so that your funeral expenses will be taken care of. Funerals can be extremely expensive and so figuring out a way to cover its costs in a short amount of time is not the easiest thing to do, especially when your friends and family are going through their grieving process.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Final Expense Insurance

1. Gives Your Loved Ones  Efficient Quick Money
Death is at times an unexpected event. This means that funeral expenses can also be an unexpected burden on your family. Instead of forcing them to chip away at their savings account or take out a loan, funeral insurance will give your family a quick and easy payout so that you can easily cover the cost of your funeral.

2. Eases Emotional Pain
Organizing a funeral while grieving is a tricky enough situation as it is, your loved ones should not have to do so while also figuring out how to cover thousands of dollars’ worth of funeral expenses. Doing so can be overwhelming on top of everything else.

3. Make Plans for Your Funeral In Advance
Although some people do not care about how their funeral ceremony takes place, others would rather plan their funeral themselves down to the very last detail. Many decisions go into a funeral.  Final expense insurance allows you to have the type of burial and funeral that you wish so that you can rest in peace the way you please.

4. Gives you Peace of Mind
The mere fact of knowing that your friends and family will not have to fork over money at your expense can be the only reason you may want to consider a final expense policy. Funerals are costly, and people usually have the pay for them in a very short amount of time and at little notice. More likely than not, your loved ones just don’t have that sort of money lying around, and it is not something you want them to have to spend their hard earned savings on. By making affordable monthly payments for your final expense insurance, your family and friends will not have to stress about finding the money to cover your funeral.

5. We Make Applying  Easy
Obtaining a final expense insurance policy is easy. You have a range of options to decide  Our application process for final expense insurance is also very simple,It also does not require you to have a mountain of paperwork and documents to qualify


Here’s How We Selected Which Ones Were The Best

First, all these insurance companies are very financially stable. All of them good ratings  with A.M. Best. Who rates insurance companies and they all have monthly premiums that are affordable.

Each of these carriers also cover unique  niches or different than others. We have you covered and aim to get you covered with no waiting period!  Every person might be better served by a different carrier. There is no company that is the best for everyone.

Mutual Of Omaha

First Year In Business: 1909

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.  Their premiums are consistently among the lowest, they can insure a variety of health issues, and most applicants can qualify for their immediate benefit plan.

Royal Neighbors Of America

First Year In Business: 1895

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.Although they are not a household name, Royal Neighbors has an outstanding track record that spans over 120 years. They were one of the first insurance companies to insure women and children.At no additional charge many valuable member benefits to all their policyholders. You can see a list of their member benefits here.

Prosperity Life Group

First Year In Business: 1935        How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.

One of our companies we use for tobacco users.

Liberty Bankers Life

First Year In Business: 1958

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.Liberty Bankers life can be a great fit for folks with high risk health issues, and for healthy individuals.

Sentinel Security Life sentinel security life

First Year In Business: 1948

Age Availability: 0-85

How To Apply: It’s not sold direct but through brokers like us.Another favorite of our tobacco users.


American Republic Insurance Company was founded in 1929 by Watson Powell, a pioneer in the health and accident insurance business. owns  Rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Great Western Insurance Company focuses on providing Preneed insurance to the funeral home industry and is licensed in 46 states and the District of Columbia. John E. Lindquist, owner of Lindquist Mortuaries & Cemeteries, founded the company in 1983

About Insurance Company Nassau

For over 165 years, Phoenix has been helping people protect their families and provide for the income they will need in retirement. In 1851 Phoenix is founded by a group of prominent business, religious and civic leaders in Hartford, Connecticut as the American Temperance Life Insurance Company, a company that insures only those who abstain from alcohol. 1865  Phoenix insured  President Abe Lincoln. Today it is a subsidiary of Nassau Re  headquartered at One American Row, Hartford, Connecticut and has $81.6 B Gross Life Insurance In Force $5.3 B Annuity Funds Under Management.

About Insurance Company  

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company was originally incorporated by Pilgrim Life Insurance Company of America in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during 1958 as Royal Oak Life Insurance Company.  It now has over $2 billion in assets under management, and in 2017 produced over produced over $300 Million in new premium.

Again, I Thank you for the opportunity to help you.  Hopefully It was easier than you thought it would be. You are exactly the type of customer that we look for, someone who loves, and wants to protect their family, if you do know others who will also want to protect their family, like you have done, let me or them know, I promise I would offer them the same great service.

  Royal Neighbors brings its members a 117-year history of fiscal stability.  Royal Neighbors  has A.M. Best rating of A- Excellent  for overall financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to certificate holders. More than $979 million under management.        Royal Neighbors is not an ordinary insurance firm. Since 1895, it has held true to their mission to support women and those they care about by offering opportunities that other companies don’t.

In addition to coverage, value added member benefits worth hundreds of dollars are included.  Membership Savings include savings on like Dental, Vision and things such as scholarships, disaster aid, and health discounts. Attached is a Brochure with many of those value added benefits in lieu of your package being sent to your residence

About Insurance  Americo

For over 100 years, Americo Life,  has been committed to providing the life insurance. Americo Life, Inc., is one of the largest independent,

privately held insurance holding companies in the United States. 6.6 billion in assets for. HQ  Kansas City, MO. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company has a financial strength rating of A from AM Best