Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Getting life insurance is very important. No matter whether you are single or married, having life insurance is always a good idea. After your death, your family members have to pay for your funeral expenses and debts. Having life insurance makes it easy for your family members to pay off your debts.

When a person applies for life insurance, it is normal for the insurance company to ask for medical reports. It gives the company an idea about what health issues the person has. People often think that getting a life insurance policy with diseases like multiple sclerosis is not possible, it is and we can help you get it! . Before we discuss in detail about life insurance with multiple sclerosis, first understand what is multiple sclerosis:
What is Multiple Sclerosis?
Multiple sclerosis is the disease in which the brain of the person is unable to send signals to other body parts. This is the disease related to the brain and spinal cord, impacting the central nervous system. Normally, MS is seen in women more than men and it can be seen at any age.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is of four different types:
• Relapsing-Remitting MS
• Primary-Progressive MS
• Secondary-Progressive MS
• Progressive-Relapsing MS

What Questions Will Insurance Company Ask Me?
There are several questions the insurance company will ask you before underwriting your policy. The questions will be asked with the purpose of knowing about your MS condition in detail. Here are some of the questions:
• Are you a smoker? If yes, how many times do you smoke per day?
• Are your attacks frequent or intermittent?
• How many attacks you have had previously?
• When was your recent MS attack?
• Which MS treatment program you are following currently?

These are some basic questions you may expect to be asked from the life insurance company in general.
Can I Get Life Insurance Policy with Multiple Sclerosis?
Most people think that it is not possible to get a life insurance policy with multiple sclerosis, but this is not true, it is possible and we can help you. Though it can be a bit difficult and frustrating to get an insurance policy with MS, it is not impossible.

The main factor impacts your chances of getting an insurance policy is how advanced the disease has become. Depending on your situation, the factors like the cost of the insurance policy, its coverage, etc. will be affected. Here are different factors that will affect your life insurance policy with MS disease:
• The original date of diagnosis
• Your recent symptoms
• Is your MS stable or unstable?
• Do you need tools like a walker or wheelchair?
• Do you work? (full-time or part-time)
These are some major factors the insurance companies will consider before giving you an insurance policy with multiple sclerosis. It gives the underwriter an idea about the level of risk involved in providing you the insurance policy.
I Have Been Rejected by Insurance Company. What Should I Do Now?
As we have said earlier, it is possible to get a life insurance policy with multiple sclerosis. If you have been rejected by a life insurance company earlier or recently, then it does not mean you can’t get insurance policy with your multiple sclerosis disease. We have different high-risk life insurance companies. Applying to such companies will increase the chances of getting your insurance policy approved.
Tips to Get Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis
Here are some tips that will make the process a bit easy:
1. First of all, make sure you are working with the right insurance agent or agency. You have found one ! 
2. Provide all and detailed information about your MS disease to the insurance company. Providing clear and detailed information will increase the chances of getting approval.
3. Last but not least, make sure you follow your doctor’s treatment plan correctly.
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